Gert’s Chocolate Sauce

It’s hot out.  It’s hot inside my apartment.  But apparently not too hot to keep the vermin out.  Last week, a squirrel decided it would be a good idea to gnaw through the kitchen screen and eat some unsuspecting peanuts that were sitting (enclosed) on my counter.  The screen is now fixed and all the ivy has been trimmed from the windows so the little buggers don’t have anywhere to hide, but alas, I will be keeping my windows closed until next spring for fear that the squirrely devils might come back in to raid my nut stores.  Anyway, now I’m living in constant fear of funny, squeaky sounds.  Go find your own nuts you stupid squirrel!

Prior to the squirrel incident, I reluctantly turned on my stove to mix up one of my absolute favorite VVG recipes.  This isn’t one of Grandma’s recipes, but it is a recipe of one of her dearest friends, Gert.  Mom used to make this chocolate sauce for us when we were growing up and, well, it’s just really, really, good.  Very, very good, if you will.

Gert’s Chocolate Sauce
1/2 c. cocoa
3/4 c. sugar
2 Tbsp. flour
1 c. milk*

Mix dry ingredients.  Stir in milk.  Cook in a double boiler until thick.  Add salt and 2 Tbsp. butter and a little vanilla.  Scoop as much of this stuff as possible over vanilla ice cream and enjoy.**

*If you don’t drink your milk regularly and it curdles on you, your neighbor’s half and half will do in a pinch.  In fact, your chocolate sauce might even be better than the original recipe!  In the words of my neighbor, “What? You doubled the fat content and it tastes better?  No way!!”  Way.

**My words, not Gert’s.  But I’m pretty sure she’d agree.

Picture of chocolate sauce on ice cream


4 responses to “Gert’s Chocolate Sauce

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  2. Thank you, Gert, for your recipe. Wowza it was good – especially so with the half and half. 🙂

  3. We had this for dessert tonight. It really is so very good. Thanks for reminding me!

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