MMM Day 5: The Noreaster

I’m in the process of shopping for a new car.

Thus, I think you can understand why today for March Maple Madness I present to you a maple recipe that features bourbon as the primary ingredient.  Use Irish whiskey and I think you’ve got yourself a St. Patty’s Day drink, my friends.

The Noreaster (from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – thanks to my aunt for the tip!)

1 jigger bourbon
1/2 jigger lime juice
1/2 jigger maple syrup
ginger beer or ginger ale

Shake bourbon, lime juice and maple syrup over ice.  Strain into a glass.  Add ginger beer or ginger ale.  Garnish with a lime slice.  Drink cares away!

noreaster cocktail with whiskey and maple syrup in background

Note that I am running low on provisions! This is the last of my maple stock!!




One response to “MMM Day 5: The Noreaster

  1. I’ve got the Irish whiskey and maple syrup covered, bring the ginger ale!

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