MMM Day 13: Alyssa Takes a Maple Break! Sort of…

Must be lucky 13, but this girl needs a maple break.  Instead of posting a new recipe, I’m pulling some gems out from the archives.  First and foremost, check out this article circa February, 2005 from the Daily Tribune of Wisconsin Rapids where my Grandpa is quoted offering this tip, “It would help if the family had a lot kids to help pick up the sap.  We’re running out of kids this year.”  Ah, gets me every time!  I think this quote is from the year my youngest brother left the farm for college and I guess Grandpa never quite forgave him or the rest of us who left.  Oh well.  I know he was proud of us, nonetheless, and a little more proud when we came to our senses and returned home to get to work.

Now for some recipes from the archives:
Hot Maple Souffles – a real wowser!
Maple Almond Granola – a breakfast standby!
Maple Cream Candy – sugar rush extreme!!

We’ll see what March Maple Madness brings us on Day 14!


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