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A Bride’s Pie

This past weekend, I traveled to Wisconsin to celebrate the marriage of my youngest brother Karl and his new bride, Alissa.  Both bride and groom were glowing the entire day, and I think it’s safe to say that a fun time was had by all.  I thought that my mom and Karl hit it with their choice of “Your Mother Should Know” by The Beatles for the mother / son dance.  I only wish that father / son dances would be featured more prominently at weddings because man, my dad and Karl did an incredible job with “Jump Around” by House of Pain.  Seriously, my dad has a pretty good lateral for an old guy (I’m not saying he’s old…he keeps telling me that he’s an “old guy”).  It was a thing of beauty.

This afternoon my neighbor and I were rifling through cookbooks looking for a new zucchini bread recipe (I can afford to try many, many recipes this year…maybe I’ll do a compilation report later) when we fell upon this recipe from the St. Ann’s Altar Society cookbook circa 1969.  Though this recipe didn’t help diminish my pile of zucchinis, and despite the fact that the title is a bit dated (Really, a Bride’s Pie?), I think it’s an apt recipe for the newlyweds.  And, as it turns out, it was provide by the same Gert of Chocolate Sauce fame.

A Bride’s Pie
One cup of confidence
One cup of love
In a pan of happiness
Mix the above.

Add a pinch of tenderness
A tablespoon of trust
Stir well in the sunshine
Enfold a loving crust.

Flour with contentment
And keep free from strife;
Fill with understanding
And bake all your life.

Congratulations, Karl and Alissa!  I hope you’ll enjoy the Newlywed Pie and many, many wonderful years ahead.