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Staycation Sangria

A few weeks ago some friends of mine and I went to see the Art Shanties on Medicine Lake.  If you aren’t familiar with Art Shanties, you should really think about checking them out next winter.  Basically, it’s an ice fishing village, but all the ice shanties are pieces of art.  For example, there was the Fantashanty, which looked like a plain wooden box from the outside, but turned out to be a lush, tropical paper rainforest on the inside.  My favorite shanty this year was the Staycation Shanty.  From the outside, this ice dwelling was shaped like a giant suitcase, covered with travel stickers (even one from Yosemite!).  When you stepped inside, you were instantly transported from cold MN to Egypt, Hawaii, or Paris, all without leaving the frozen lake!  I thought it was a pretty brilliant idea so I pilfered it and hosted a staycation party last night so that my friends and I could also enjoy a much needed escape from winter reality.

There’s no better way to escape reality than by drinking copious amounts of alcohol, right?  And if one is trying to escape winter reality, then summer drinks, such as sangria, seem to be in order.  Now, I’m about 99.5% certain that Grandma never made sangria before, but I’m equally certain that these two recipes would get the VVG stamp of approval.  Or f if not VVG, at least VVI, because if you’re looking to get very, very intoxicated, these will do the trick.  Enjoy!

Peach Sangria
1.5 L white wine
3/4 c. peach or apricot brandy
6 T. lemonade concentrate, thawed
1 16oz. package frozen peaches
1 1/2c. grapes (red or green), halved
club soda

Mix all ingredients together and chill at least 2 hours before serving.  Add club soda to individual servings as needed. Makes about 12 cups.

Red Sangria
2 oranges, thinly sliced
1 lemon, thinly sliced
1 lime, thinly sliced
4 c. fruit of your choice (I used plums and a grapefruit)
2  1.5 L bottles red wine
1 c. Cointreau (or other orange flavored booze)
1 c. brandy
club soda

Put all fruits in a large container.  Pour in red wine and enjoy the glug, glug, glug sound it makes.  Pour in liquors.  Cover and refrigerate overnight (or up to 3 days).  Add club soda to individual servings as needed.  Makes about 24 cups